Golden Island Cafe For a quick but tasty snack, lunch or light evening meal with dessert, come on over to the Golden Island Café in San Francisco on Noriega Street. On our eclectic menu you will find sandwiches, noodle soups, and house specials like Chicken Steak, Baked Beef Tongue, Baked Chicken Wings or Ground Beef served with rice, spaghetti or bread. Our special desserts are simply divine! We offer treats like Sweet Tofu with Coconut Milk, Fresh Mango Sago with Coconut Milk, Lychee with Sago, Sesame Paste and Sweet Tofu and much more. Our hot and cold desserts include sweets like Mango Pudding, Dun Dan, Dun Lai Almond or Coconut, Sweet Peanut Dumpling, Red and Yellow Bean Puddings. Hot and cold drinks are always available. Use our online ordering system and take advantage of our excellent takeaway delivery service. Order Online